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Finding green jobs on regular job markets is painstaking. You need a dedicated green job board. Here are the top green job boards

Green jobs are projected to grow by 6.8% which is about 114,300 jobs over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This makes green industries one of the fastest-growing employers. 

But how to find a green job?

You can use traditional job markets, but none of them has filters for “green”, “sustainable”, or “environmental”. 

Luckily, there are dedicated green job boards you can use. 

But not all sustainability job boards are made the same. 

I've reviewed the best job sites for environmental jobs and came to some interesting conclusions.

While making my choice I took into account the overall user experience, how quickly I can find what I came for, and how easily I can search for jobs and post a job as a recruiter. 

Here’s what I found.

Best Green Job Boards For Green-Minded Professionals

1. Green Jobs Board by Brown Girl Green 

The face behind the Brown Girl Green is Kristy Drutman, a.k.a. “Browngirl Green” — a youth climate activist. She co-founded Green Jobs Board as an online platform that helps bridge the equity and inclusion gap within the green community. 

The Brown Girl Green job board is as direct as it gets. When you open the home page, the first thing you see is the featured positions for the current month.

Green Jobs Board by Brown Green Girl

I love this straight-to-the-point approach. If I’m here for the job, I want to see the job right away. 

Click the Learn More and it leads you to the company’s application form. 

But here’s my problem too. 

The sustainability jobs are arranged as icons with the name of the company, the position, the date of posting, the location, the salary, and the role level. 

Everything you need. Right?

But I don’t see any kind of classification. Neither by the date, nor the industry, nor the salary.

You literally need to read through all of them to find the one that suits you. 

Of course, you can use the page’s Ctrl+F function, but that’s a bit of a hassle because you need to guess the keywords right. 

With GreenCitizen Job Board you have a dedicated search feature, and also the possibility to browse green jobs by category, city, and state. 

Also, if you’re a recruiter, with GreenCitizen you have a clear Post A Job CTA button on the home page. 

At Brown Girl Green job board, I don’t see a way to post a job as a recruiter. I guess I have to join the BGG community first. 

Not very user-friendly.

2. Climatebase

Climatebase was launched in 2020 and presents a comprehensive solution that includes a green jobs marketplace, a talent network, and a built-in Applicant Tracking System. Their latest product is a white-labelable job board that allows other climate-focus communities to run their own job boards for environmental jobs. 

The home page is dominated by a search tool that allows you to switch between tabs titled Jobs, Companies, and People.

Scroll down and you get an expandable list of job roles such as marketing, Sales, Finance, Design, etc. so you can instantly focus on those that match your set of skills. 

Below that, you can browse jobs or organizations by industry, such as Transportation, Carbon Removal, Materials & Manufacturing, etc.  

Still, whichever criteria you choose, the site directs you to the same search box where you can then refine your search using different filters.

It does pretty much everything that GreenCitizen Green Job Board does.

Climatebase Green Jobs Board

The only problem I have with Climatebase is the loading speed. As I move back and forth through the job listings and search results, sometimes pages take more than 5 seconds to load.

Otherwise, Posting a job is pretty easy, as the website has drop-down menus For Professionals and For Employers. 

Similar to the Brown Girl Green job board, Climatebase also has a community called ClimateBase Fellowship. You can join to gain experience through hands-on projects and build your green jobs network of climate-oriented professionals, founders, and investors.

3. Conservation Job Board

Conservation Job Board is a veteran on this list. It launched in 2010 with goals to help conservation professionals discover great employment opportunities and to help employees recruit qualified environmental professionals. 

If you thought the Brown Girl Green job board was straightforward, think again. When you land on the Conservation home page you immediately see a list of the latest conservation jobs. 

Conservation Green Jobs Board

This is similar to the list of results you'd get with the GreenCitizen Green Job Board. 

There’s a nice feature to sort the jobs by relevance, date, name, and deadline

Those looking for environmental jobs can use two filters — for the job type and industry and for the location.  

Still, I like the GreenCitizen filters better because you can stack different tags and get the results much faster. 

The home page has a nice embedded CTA where you can leave your email address to get the new jobs mailed to you.

That’s how you collect leads, people.  

Recruiters will be happy to learn that the Conservation Job Board offers free posting, with paid premium options for boosted performance.  

4. Idealist

A veteran in its job, Idealist is a non-profit organization that includes “big-idea dreamers and small detail lovers, innovative creators, and obsessive number crunchers”.

Idealist is another environmental green jobs board that likes to put its business end first. Open their homepage and the first thing you see is the number of available green jobs they have found. 

Right under that, there’s a CTA button for creating an email alert and a Post a Job link for recruiters.

User-friendly all the way.

Idealist Green Jobs Board

Every business post in this list is informative with highlighted job types, such as remote, hybrid, on-site, etc.

I especially like the option to save the job listing for later. 

Now to not-so-good things about Idealist. 

Their website is kind of minimalistic and it often means you have to enter different menus and submenus to find the filters or tags you’re looking for. It also loads slower on mobile

On GreenCitizen Green Jobs Board, you have everything you need on the home page, just select the search criteria and hit the button.

5. Green Job Network

At first glance, the Green Job Network really looks like the GreenCitizen Green Job Board. However, the website design looks a bit outdated

It looks like something a college kid would create as a project and get a C+!

Very simple site navigation and boxy buttons. 

Green Job Nertwork Green Jobs Board

The homepage features available jobs with just a few details — role, company, name, location, and deadline.

You get even fewer details on a mobile version. Just white background and blue links. 

If you want to find more, you need to click on each individual post. 

The job board is not very user-friendly from the recruiter’s side either

Instead of a simple Post a Job button that almost every job board on this list has, here you have a navigation link for “How To Post A Job”. 

Click here and you get a 6-step manual for posting a job on this page. It ends with an email or phone number to contact if you run into any problems during posting. 

My next steps were to exit this page and open a green job board with great user experience, such as the GreenCitizen Green Jobs Board. 

6. GoodWork

GoodWork is Canada’s largest community for sustainability professionals, job seekers, and volunteers. 

The homepage is a bit complicated to navigate. If I stumbled upon this website, I wouldn't be sure what it is for. There’s simply too much happening on it. 

Too many font styles, colors, banners, and menus everywhere. To tell the truth, most of them lead to the same landing pages. 

When I finally clicked on the banner “Environmental jobs” it took me to what I was looking for. 

GoodWork Green Jobs Board

However, the list of jobs is very poorly managed. There’s little info about individual jobs save the role, employer, and location. 

There’s no way to sort those ads anyway, so you just need to read them all and then click on the next page and so on. 

It kind of reminds me of classified ads on Craigslist

The only filter you can use is the type of job, for example, “remote”, “junior”, “summer” and location, by clicking on the province of Canada. 

One thing that is crystal clear about GoodWork is the rates. They go from $50 for budget options to $400 for targeted social media promotion.

If I’m to judge by the website, no thanks. If I have to pay, I’ll go with a green job board that provides a seamless experience and fast search results, as GreenCitizen does.  

7. GreenCitizen Green Job Board

GreenCitizen has used its vast experience in providing sustainable solutions, products, and guides to develop the best green job board you can visit today. 

As user experience goes, you’d be pressed hard to find a more user-friendly site. 

GreenCitizen Green Job Board offers the biggest diversity in job categories from Alternative Energy, to Circular Economy, to Recycling, to Wind Turbines.

You can list jobs by category, state, and city right from the homepage. 

However, right from the beginning, you have the option to identify yourself as a job seeker or recruiter.

GreenCitizen Green Job Board

This way the site instantly recognizes you as a job seeker or a recruiter and gives you the relevant content. 

Click the Latest Jobs button and you’re redirected to a comprehensive search feature where you can enter a keyword followed by a type of job, and location.

The search results are always arranged by the date of posting, so you always see the latest jobs first

Best Green Job Board

This feature is great if you access the website with your phone. A few clicks and a quick glance will tell you if there’s anything new. 

Click the Post a Job button, and you’re redirected to a straightforward fill-in form. If you already have an account, you can sign in and have your company details filled in automatically. 


As international treaties are made, governments are embarking on ambitious sustainability projects aimed at keeping climate change at a low level. 

As a result, tens of thousands of green jobs are planned. Join more than 875,000 Americans who are already building environmental careers in various green industries. 

Regular job markets are huge and disorganized, and finding a green job there is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Instead, try the user-friendly and lighting-fast green job board like GreenCitizen Green Job Board. This way you’ll always be on top of the latest green job offers in your area.

Nikola, an electrical engineer, simplifies intricate sustainability subjects for his audience. A staunch environmental conservationist, he embodies his beliefs daily through recycling and cultivating his own food.

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