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Electronics Recycling: How to Schedule a Pick-Up For Your Business

It’s that time of year again. Your company’s computers have slowed to a crawl, the printers have become temperamental, and last year’s iPhone will no longer do. As a San Francisco Bay Area IT or Office manager, you’re tasked with responsibly disposing of this pile of electronics. There are several companies out there that can schedule an electronics recycling pick-up, but whom should you choose and what factors should influence your decision? Below are some points to consider:

  • Is the process to schedule an electronics recycling pick-up easy?
    With GreenCitizen, your business can schedule and electronics recycling pick-up online, give us a call or email pickup@greencitizen.com with your item list. Your electronics recycling pick-up will be scheduled within a week. No need to bring items to the loading dock. We can obtain a certificate of insurance for your building and come directly to your suite with a dolly on wheels. We can pick up just about anything that runs on electricity, but to qualify for a free electronics recycling pick-up you need a combination of at least ten of the following qualifying items: laptops, desktops, monitors, TVs, servers, smartphones and/or tablets.
  • How do you ensure the company you use is not sending items to the landfill or shipping them abroad?
    Investigate the company’s backstory and what people think about their brand. GreenCitizen was a founding member of e-Stewards and was also the first company in the electronics recycling industry to be recognized as a For-Benefit Company by B-Corporation.
  • Is your company looking to recoup revenue from your old systems?
    GreenCitizen specializes in responsible reuse and can offer you a quote prior to scheduling an electronics recycling pickup. Just send along brand and model numbers of the devices, we’ll provide a quote and if acceptable, we’ll pick up for free.
  • What about data?
    GreenCitizen ensures all data from an electronics recycling pick-up is destroyed. Reusable items are wiped according to DoD 5220.22M and non-reusable items shredded. For certified destruction from an electronics recycling pick-up, GreenCitizen will track drives down to serial and model number, individually crush them and issue a time-stamped certificate of destruction. GreenCitizen also offers document shredding, so feel free to add any stored boxes to your pick-up list!

By Jason Dunford. You can email him at jason.dunford@greencitizen.com.

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