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Better Life is a green cleaning company made famous by their appearance on Shark Tank, but are their products really that good? We look at 5 of their cleaners in detail to find out.

Made famous by its appearance on Shark Tank, Better Life is a company promoting green cleaning products designed to be safe and free from harsh chemicals.

To prove how safe they are, one of the founders actually sprayed their all-purpose cleaner into his mouth during their Shark Tank pitch.

Now that's bold!

It’s the brainchild of two dads (one of whom is a chemist) who wanted to create eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are safe around their children.

In these times of COVID-19, cleaning is more important than ever, but it’s still crucial to use cleaning agents that are safe and non-toxic.

So, is this company’s products up to the job?

My Review of 5 Better Life Cleaning Products

1. Better Life Natural Concentrated Laundry Detergent

I’ve got skin sensitivities and I recently had a baby, so after reading some reviews, I decided to try this eco-friendly detergent first.

This cleaning product has all the ingredients explained on the bottle, so I knew exactly what I was washing my clothes with, which was nice.

I have a lot of woolen sweaters which are difficult to wash at the best of times, but this stuff was able to get them nice and clean. I even got ketchup off of one.

I also liked that it’s unscented, though you might find it weird at first if you’re not used to it. Instead of your clothes smelling like artificial floral scents, they just smell like… clean clothes. Oh, and no more rashes for me, which was great.


  • Ingredients are explained in detail on the bottle
  • No sulfates (unlike some green cleaners)
  • Safe for babies and those with sensitive skin
  • Unscented


  • Bottle can spill the liquid a little

2. Better Life Natural Streak Free Stainless Steel Polish

My stainless steel fridge is often covered in smudged fingerprints that are a pain to clean off. Good thing they have this stainless steel cleaner that allowed my home to look presentable.

Whenever I have people coming over and I want my kitchen to look nice, I just spray some of this bad boy on everything steel (kitchen counters, refrigerators, cooktops, etc.) and then buff it out till it’s nice and shiny. I usually need to put in some elbow grease, though.

The product is scented like Lavender and Chamomile. It’s a pleasant scent but I’m personally not a fan. Most of you would probably like it though.


  • Safe steel cleaning product
  • Made with coconut oil and soybean oil
  • Not sticky nor greasy
  • Non-toxic


  • Requires elbow grease

3. Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner

As someone with a messy pet dog, I needed a decent floor cleaner that’s both child and pet safe. When I saw this product on Oprah, I had to give it a try.

All in all, I was impressed. This floor cleaner uses soapbark and citrus oil as its main ingredients, which sanitized my floor effectively and left a lovely lemony aroma afterward.

Sometimes though too much of this stuff can get sticky, so I had to mix it with equal parts water in a spray bottle.


  • 100% plant-derived
  • No fumes so it’s safe for kids and pets
  • Has a lovely citrus scent


  • Too much of it can make your floor sticky
  • Floors may look dull afterward

4. Better Life Nursery Cleaner, Lavender & Chamomile

Designed for parents with messy children, this all-purpose cleaner naturally intrigued me. It’s essentially a product that you can spray on everything in your child’s nursery.

I mean… everything.

But while this all-purpose cleaner is supposed to be deodorizing, I think its anti-smell properties were a little lacking for my child’s mess which is on the stinkier side. Still, I can attest that it’s a very safe product for cleaning everything in their nursery.


  • Contains very few ingredients (all plant-derived)
  • You can spray down basically everything your child touches


  • I’m not keen on the smell personally
  • Anti-odor properties are meh

5. Better Life Natural Bathroom Cleaner

After trying out several of their products to write this review, I finally landed on their bathroom cleaner.

To be perfectly honest, It didn’t have any wow factor, but it did do its job. My tub and tiles can get a bit dirty after a while, so I wanted a good cleaner for that. I have to say, it did work, but you have to spray it and leave it on for some time, and then you need to scrub. 

If you don’t mind the scrubbing, then this one can be a good cleaner for you. They claim to offer plant-based ingredients with eucalyptus and tea tree oils. This product is also cruelty-free.


  • Decent tile and tub cleaner
  • Has no harsh fumes


  • The smell is not very pleasant, but tolerable
  • Requires scrubbing
  • Need to use it more frequently


Does Better Life cleaner disinfect?

Yes, Better Life cleaners disinfect, and they do it using natural ingredients that are derived from plants. In fact, many of their products have been shown to kill MORE germs than conventional name brand cleaners.

Are Better Life products safe?

Yes, Better Life products are safe for you, your children, and your pets. They don’t produce harsh fumes or toxic chemicals, so they’re good for you if you’ve got small children or breathing problems.

What is in Better Life cleaning products?

Better Life cleaning products are made with natural plant-based ingredients such as soap bark extract, citric acid, essential oils, and more. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals, bleaches, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, or anything nasty.

Where Are Better Life products made?

Better Life products are made in the USA. When you buy their products, you’re helping support the US economy and American jobs while also supporting the planet.

Should You Buy Better Life Cleaning Products?

From dish soap to window cleaner, Better Life has a lot of great cleaning products that are well… better for life.

However, after my review, one product stands above the rest for me — their Better Life Laundry Detergent Unscented.

This natural laundry detergent was able to clean both my clothes and my baby’s without causing sensitivities or allergic reactions for either of us. I love how concentrated it is too because I was able to wash several loads of laundry from just a single bottle.

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose cleaner or steel polish, I can say that their products are definitely worth checking out.

Joe is passionate about environmentalism and the effect it has on our planet. He’s been a vegetarian for 10 years and is very strict about recycling in his apartment. As well as writing, he likes to spend time singing, playing the guitar, and defending pineapple on pizza.

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