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Birmingham City Is Recycling Trees to Generate Electricity

Samira Tasneem

December 28, 2021

Every year, the citizens of the UK need 6 million Christmas trees to celebrate the biggest holiday in the world. We, in the United States, need about 30 million Christmas trees. Ever wondered where do these Christmas trees end up?

In the landfill!

While there are different eco-friendly options available these days, the vast majority of us end up getting a real or an artificial Christmas tree. 

Now, the good news is that Birmingham City Council has come up with a great plan — the council is offering a free recycling service where you can donate your old Christmas trees to be turned into biomass electricity. 

According to BBC, the City Council has opened up four pick-up points across the City of Birmingham from 26th December till the end of January. 

St Mary’s Hospice is also aiding this noble initiative. The organization will offer a charity service that will collect the trees. 

We're pleased to be able to offer our free-of-charge service for the responsible disposal of unwanted Christmas trees," "They aren't the easiest items to get rid of, so this gives people a simple and convenient option rather than making a booking for one of our household recycling centers.

John O'Shea, Birmingham City Councilor 

Those of you who are looking for Christmas tree recycling options might check out this guide on recycling Christmas trees here.  

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