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Auric Hall: Inspiration From The Past Entwined With Sustainability

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Auric Hall is a landmark building for Aurangabad an industrial smart city located in Indias Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

At 16,600-square meters, the building was designed by IMK Architects to provide space for administrative and commercial departments, while also promoting collaboration and a fantastic environment that honors that past while embracing the future.

According to Inhabitat, Auric Hall works with the region’s climate and includes decorative features from historic Mughal architecture, like ceremonial gateways, arches, and intricate jaali screens.

“With Aurangabad’s semi-arid climate in mind, Auric Hall’s design incorporates passive cooling. A laser-cut aluminum jaali screen on the facade serves not only as an eye-catching design feature but also minimizes solar heat gain and controls the building’s airflow. These features help regulate internal temperatures. Meanwhile, solar panels and energy metering help keep the building energy-efficient.”

However, Auric Hall intelligently integrates historical architectural heritage with modern elements. The beautiful atrium garden and indoor terraces are designed to promote an idea-sharing, community-oriented work environment. 

The building includes CO2 monitoring for maximum environmental quality control. These features in combination with high-performance materials allow Auric Hall to achieve Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Gold rating.

Essentially, this building proves that historic architecture can successfully be applied to modern sustainable design to create amazing landmark buildings.

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