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Architect Takes on Sustainability With the Red Sea Project

Chris Bolt

April 6, 2021
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Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is taking sustainability to a whole new level with a Red Sea project that aims to combine marine biology, Saudi Arabian culture, and sustainability to create a flagship tourism attraction.

The island in question is very narrow, and the surrounding reefs are fragile at the best of times. This meant that there was a lot of risk to biodiversity in the area where damage could have been irreparable.

According to The Red Sea Development Company, the entire structure will be prefabricated as a way to minimize disruptions on location, which could cause a lot more damage. This is especially a problem when it comes to construction around marine ecosystems.

And rather than take the approach of separating architecture from the natural environment, Kuma aimed to make sure they seem like one. That meant that the architecture should function as a way to protect the natural world around it.

The resulting design is nothing short of amazing.

By taking the natural lines and curves of the islands and reefs, the designer has created a seamless transition from the natural to the human-made world.

At a time where human development tends to disregard the surrounding beauty of nature, this should become a new way of thinking in sustainable architecture.

Watch the full video from The Red Sea Development Company.

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