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A New Twist On Furniture Design

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If you look around the average home, you’ll see furniture that are either made out of wood or plastic.

The plastic comes with its own issues and carbon footprint. And when it comes to wooden furniture, you’d want to be sure that the wood came from a sustainably grown source.

And then there’s all the machining, cutting, and screwing together that makes up the industrial process of furniture production. It’s anyone's guess how much more CO2 is produced between a tree coming down and the chair or table arriving at your home.

But what if you could actually grow a tree chair?

As in a tree that grows into the shape of a chair.

Gavin Munro is a British designer who has come up with a process to do exactly that. He forces trees to grow into precise shapes that are like chairs, tables, and even lamps.

AJ+ had put together a nice video below to show how this is actually possible.

The end result is a piece of furniture created by nature that requires no further labor or machining.

It’s such a great idea that I’d love to see this take off and find its way into more eco-friendly homes.

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