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A Factory In North Carolina Treats Its Water For A Second Act

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As a part of Cummins’ goals to reduce water use, the company installed a new water filtration system in its Rocky Mount Engine Plant in North Carolina.

The new system uses multiple technologies including hydroponics — using plants as a filter — to treat millions of gallons of industrial water so it can be returned to the facility for “a second act,” which means non-potable use.

Cummins reports that a similar system is already in place at their Jamestown Engine Plant in western New York. Both plants expect to cut city water use by a third, or 25 million gallons a year.

“The projects will likely play an important role in reaching the goals established in PLANET 2050, Cummins’ environmental sustainability strategy to reduce the company’s impact on the climate and other environmental challenges. The strategy calls for reducing absolute water consumption in facilities and operations companywide 30% by 2030 or more than 200 million gallons annually.”

The water-filtering system installed at Rocky Mount uses anaerobic and aerobic treatment, in which microorganisms break down organic material. Hydroponics provides an additional treatment that includes membrane filtration to remove fine solids. 

No less important will be the opportunity for the plant to host school tours where students can get a hands-on education on the importance of clean water.

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