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Where To Put Electric Vehicle Charging Stations? The State Of Wisconsin Asks The Public

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The administration of Governor Tony Evers has started asking the public on where to put electric vehicle charging stations in Wisconsin.

Although electric vehicles (EVs) make up a tiny fraction in the state, the officials are ready to spend $10 million for the charging infrastructure, hoping that the number of EVs will grow if people have more places to recharge their cars. 

WUWM reports that Evers wants those $10 million to come from part of Wisconsin's share of a settlement over an emissions scandal involving Volkswagen.

“Officials kicked off a series of statewide listening sessions on electric vehicle charging stations on Feb. 21 at UW-Milwaukee. Kevin Standlee says he drives a Chevrolet Volt, which can run 50 miles per battery charge but has a gasoline engine for longer trips. Standlee says one key issue is where to place stations that recharge EVs quickly, versus a slower station called a Level 2.”

From the governor’s office they say that electric vehicle charging stations in Wisconsin can only be placed on government properties, at workplaces, and at multi-family dwelling units.

Although conservatives have challenged a number of the governor’s state budget vetoes, including the one for chargers, Lt. Gov, Mandela Barnes says that the $10 million from Volkswagen settlement money frees up another $10 million that can go to public schools.

Wherever the money comes from, one thing is for sure — more chargers means more people considering electrical cars.

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