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We Are Open for TV Recycling Drop-offs in San Francisco bay area, 10-6 Monday-Friday.

Find a TV Recycling Center Near You

GreenCitizen provides TV recycling services for individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Working or non-working, we recycle and dispose of TVs locally and in an environmentally- responsible manner.
All you have to do: drop off old TV at our Burlingame EcoCenter. And leave the rest to us. And the best news, it is absolutely FREE.
Yes, you do not have to pay anything for TV disposal anymore.

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Can Your Recycle Christmas Lights

Safe and Responsible TV Disposal

TV is a necessity but it comes with an expiration date. Either you want to get rid of it altogether or the technology has become too outdated for your lifestyle.
Throwing away your Television set may seem like an easy option but it adds to the environmental damage. So, what to do? Drop off your TV at the nearest recycling center near you and give a new life to the old electronics while protecting the environment.
At GreenCitizen, we provide free TV disposal services in Burlingame and surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art recycling infrastructure supports the safe and effective disposal of TVs and other gadgets as per the guidelines set by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).
Simply, drop off old TVs for recycling or arrange for a pickup from 10-6 Monday-Friday. A simple, fast, and safe way to get rid of your TV.
Be a green citizen; the world needs more.

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Why Not To Trash—Instead, Drop Off TVs for Recycling?

It might be tempting to throw away your old and non-working TVs. But there is a huge cost to your decision. Be wise and drop off TVs for recycling near you. It is rewarding in ways you can’t imagine.

Reduce e-Waste Recycle TV Parts Reuse Old TVs
TVs when broken or trashed can cause irrecoverable damage to the environment. There are harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients that do not decompose and thus add to the growing e-waste. Start searching for old or used TV disposal locations near you. There are many reusable materials if TVs are recycled such as glass and metals like copper. Television disposal helps in creating new TV parts, and components that can be used in the making of new television sets and other electronic gadgets. A non-working TV can be repaired and made usable for those who can’t afford a new tv. Why not sell off your old TV if it is in still working condition? Make the most of your investment and instead, give it to charity or use it for some other purpose.

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Types of TVs for Recycling

Those searching for places to drop off and recycle old or used TVs can rest now.
At GreenCitizen, we recycle TVs of almost all types and brands. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cathode-ray tube TVs
  • Liquid-crystal display televisions
  • Plasma TVs
  • Light-emitting diode ( LED) TVs
  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)
  • Quantum Light-Emitting Diode
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Do not think, rethink. Drop off TV set you no longer need at our Burlingame center and we will handle it from there. Our team assumes complete responsibility for the job and it is free, too!

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The items below are FREE to recycle and can be dropped off
at our Burlingame EcoCenter

ALL Macbook EFi, Device Enrollment Program, and Remote Management Locks must be removed.

TV Computer/server/laptop Monitors
Tablets Network Switches UPS Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TV recycling cost?

GreenCitizen provides free drop-off tv and recycling service near you. If you are unable to visit physically, you can mail in your TV at the cost of $1.00/lb from anywhere in the USA.

What kind of TVs can be recycled?

Almost all types of TVs can be recycled such as Monitors/ CRT/ LCDs/ TVs. If in doubt, live chat or speak to one of us at 650.493.8700 Extension 103.

What do you do with recycled TVs?

Tv recycling promotes the safe and effective disposal of old and non-working electronics. Many old TVs contain harmful substances such as lead that can cause more damage when discarded into a landfill. However, there are some reusable materials that if recovered such as glass, circuit boards, plastic, and metals.

How to guarantee the safe disposal of Television sets?

GreenCitizen guarantees that TV recycling happens in the most responsible, environmentally, and friendly way, beyond the 150 miles of San Francisco. We do not send e-waste to landfills or shipped abroad. Rest assured that we recycle TVs in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).

Can you pick up the TV for recycling?

Yes, we provide free pick up of flat screen tv and older CRT TV models near you. However, the bigger or heavier TVs (55 inches or larger) will cost $ 100 per unit.

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