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The Triple Benefit Of Forests

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Media and news reports have focused a lot of attention on the Amazon rainforest, but research has shown that there is a lot more impact on cities from nearby forests.

This research has looked at how forests help life in the city. And it looked at this from the point of view of small urban forests, nearby forests, and those far away.

The World Resource Institute summarized the nearby forest benefits like this.

“Forested watersheds adjacent to cities affect water quality and availability by regulating precipitation, evaporation and flows. Trees and other vegetation can improve water quality by preventing erosion, breaking down pollutants and providing shade. Forests and their soils also act like sponges that absorb water when it is plentiful and release it when it is scarce.”

It’s incredible how such forests can provide a symbiotic relationship with urban environments.

This research will hopefully highlight how important protected forest lands are both in and around cities.

They don’t just serve recreational benefits and nice views. 

But water management is proving to be a lot more reliant on how many trees exist in and around cities.

Hopefully, this will convince more cities to introduce reforestation projects close by, rather than just focusing on what’s happening in the Amazon.

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