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The Music Foundation Raising Climate Awareness In Ghana

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Ghana has had many problems in recent years with bush fires and deforestation, largely due to locals not realising the devastating effects that these actions can have on the environment and its ability to heal.

However, the Young Voices Education Foundation, directed by David Gbeblewa, is increasing climate awareness in Ghana through unusual means.

Creating modern songs about the dangers of burning trees and forests, David and the YVEF are hoping to get the message out there through memorable songs.

The group has even employed the help of local dance groups and video production crews, making fully-produced music videos to accompany their message and drive the point home.

I wish more activism was in music video form.

The group is also using community outreach to help teach school children about the dangers of climate change and global warming, leading to heartwarming protests and marches of young kids holding signs about saving the planet.

A video on DW shows the activism at its full scale — children educating their parents and guardians about these global problems and having fun while doing it.

It’s so inspiring to see activism coming from such young people, even in more poverty-stricken parts of the world. 

Hopefully this generation keeps it up.

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