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The Latest Scalable Zero-Carbon Homes Project

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The small country of Wales in the UK has created a multi-organizational project called the Home-Grown Homes Project, with a mission to make planning and building zero-carbon homes more scalable

The project is not just looking at building a home that is carbon neutral to run. But instead, it’s looking at the entire planning, material sourcing, and construction phase.

A report in Treehugger had some details about the extensive approach to factoring in carbon emissions. 

“Embodied carbon is composed of upfront carbon, the emissions that come from the raw materials supply, transport and manufacturing of building products, the transportation to site, construction, and installation. Other sources of embodied carbon come from maintenance, repair and refurbishment (which is why one wants durable products), and end-of-life emissions.”

The project managers have certainly not made it easy for themselves by looking at the entire lifecycle from growing the trees all the way to eventual replacement.

The project also aims to address the performance gap that has become a significant issue in the UK. Many newly built homes perform nowhere near as well as expected when it comes to carbon emissions.

And addressing the entire process will hopefully create a new blueprint for eco-friendly construction. 

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