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Texas Farmers and Ranchers Embrace Renewable Energy

Marina Maletic

December 14, 2021
Texas Farmers and Ranchers Embrace Renewable Energy

Texas ranchers and farmers are advocating for renewable energy use. Texas is the largest renewable energy producer in the USA, and there are aspirations to turn the state into the fifth-largest wind energy-producing country worldwide. 

According to Eco Watch, Texas is also home to a large agriculture industry, which is becoming intertwined with the renewable energy sector.

“As is usually the case in farming, there are a range of reasons [for adopting renewable energy] and, usually, people have a few on any given farm," Cathy Day, climate policy co-ordinator at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, told the FT. "They’re incorporating solar as either a way to reduce their costs or as a way to sell a little bit of power and make some money back from the same land.”

Texas has experienced deadly blackouts in recent years due to the failure of grid and gas systems. Thousands of people were left in the dark, without an energy source. 

Ever since it happened, many homeowners have started looking into solar energy systems, which will make their homes resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Farmers and ranchers are also using wind and solar power to make farming more sustainable, and they’re hoping to turn Texas into one of the leading wind energy-producing countries.

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