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Energy Saving Tips for Your Computer

Woman learning about computer energy saving tips

Ever wonder how to save energy when using your computer? If you see that low battery notification all too quickly, then it’s time to learn more about your computer power consumption. Luckily, there are plenty of things you… Read More

4 Reasons Why Electronic Recycling Costs are Skyrocketing

Old television for recycling - broken audio

You may have noticed the increasing price of recycling your old electronics. There are 4 major reasons why electronic recycling costs have risen over 100% in 2018.  The high plastic content found in over 50% of electronics recycled… Read More

Make a 3D Printer By Reinventing E-Waste

A large part of the recycling process involves re-purposing. Besides keeping your electronics running for as long as possible, there are many creative things you can do with your old electronics. Some innovators have turned gutted out CRT… Read More

My Plastic-Free Life

live plastic free life

Recently, GreenCitizen had the honor of giving Beth Terry, of the “My Plastic-Free Life” fame, a tour of our Burlingame headquarters. James Kao, our CEO, and Terry shared their experiences in attempting to spread awareness about the need… Read More

Broken CFLs: CFL Bulb Disposal and Recycling

Broken CFLs

Updated December 2018 Oh no! You have a broken CFL bulb and don’t know what to do. Do broken fluorescent bulbs get recycled? Why can’t you just clean it up and throw it away? Don’t worry, we can… Read More

Paint Recycling and Why You Should Do It

Paint cans for paint recycling

What to Recycle Your Paint? Want to Get Some Free Paint? Do both at the same spot! Check out our latest blog post:

How to Recycle Batteries?

electronics waste in africa

Do you wonder where you can recycle your household batteries in the Bay Area? GreenCitizen has the answers!