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Revolutionary New Wind Energy Technology

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Wind farms have been expanding in most countries, and in some places, they are making a significant impact on transitioning to renewable energy.

But one of the main barriers to bring more wind farms to operation is the objections from the public about locations and the sizes. And because enough turbines have to be in one location to make them economically viable, this sometimes becomes a significant problem.

Now, a revolutionary new concept and technology has introduced the bladeless wind turbine.

Technically, they are wind vibrators, and The Guardian has reported some interesting details. 

“The bladeless turbines stand at 3 metres high, a curve-topped cylinder fixed vertically with an elastic rod. To the untrained eye it appears to waggle back and forth, not unlike a car dashboard toy. In reality, it is designed to oscillate within the wind range and generate electricity from the vibration.”

The fascinating thing about this new technology is that they are perfectly suited for urban areas on top of buildings where traditional wind turbines are impractical and often not suitable at all.

It would be an excellent new way for a home to have a solar panel equivalent to wind energy to provide more sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Check out a video about this from The Guardian below.

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