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Report: Clean Earth Recycled 1.1 Million Pounds Of Expired Hand Sanitizer In 2020

Nikola Gemeš

April 9, 2021
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Harsco Corporation, a global leader in providing environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams announced that its Clean Earth division has developed a solution for safe disposal and recycling of hand sanitizer.

Large volumes of hand sanitizers were produced and purchased in 2020 to fight COVID-19, so companies now need to dispose of large quantities of expired or non-viable sanitizing products.

Globe Newswire reports that the new recycling solution allowed Clean Earth to salvage 1.1 million pounds of non-viable product in 2020.

“Our team’s exceptional expertise and customer know-how regarding non-viable hand sanitizer resulted in sustainable waste management, cost savings and risk avoidance as some unusable products are stored in warehouses creating potential hazards. Through this recycling solution, we are offering a safe and strategic option for our customers.”

Clean Earth’s solution includes a fuel blending process that recovers the alcohol from the hand sanitizer, transforming the waste into a fuel additive product.

This way expired, off-spec, or recalled hand sanitizer begins a second life as a new energy source.

On one occasion, Clean Earth was able to service about 50 locations in one week. Nearly 800,000 pounds of sanitizer was retrieved and recycled for a single customer — helping it maintain the Small Quantity Generator status.

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