Make a 3D Printer By Reinventing E-Waste

A large part of the recycling process involves re-purposing. Besides keeping your electronics running for as long as possible, there are many creative things you can do with your old electronics. Some innovators have turned gutted out CRT monitors into fish tanks or cat beds, others have turned keyboards into jewelry or pencil holders. In 2013, Kodjo Afate Gnikou from Togo in West Africa got very creative and built the world’s first 3-D printer…out of electronic waste! He came up with the idea after assembling a 3D printer kit and noticed many complications with the process. His goal was to create a 3D printer that was inexpensive and easy to replicate. Gnikou’s printer only cost him about $100 to make, by reusing parts of old computers, printers, and scanners that he found in a scrap yard. Gnikou hopes that his invention will help make the world notice Africa as a contender in the tech market. “My dream is to give young people hope and to show that Africa, too, has its place on the global market when it comes to technology. We are able to create things.”

E-waste 3D printer inventor, Kodjo Afate Gnikou
Kodjo Afate Gnikou, inventor of a 3D printer made out of e-waste.

Ghana’s capital, Accra, has become one of the many dumping grounds of e-waste from the US and Europe. Hundreds of tons of discarded computers and industrial equipment are dumped each month, including usable spare parts and equipment.

Today, you can find many instructions online detailing how to make your own inexpensive 3D printer out of e-waste. Happy creating!

While it is fantastic to see someone like Gnikou make such great use of the e-waste, it still doesn’t tackle the source of the problem. GreenCitizen exists to make sure electronics don’t get dumped in landfills or sent overseas to places like West Africa.

For more information about keeping electronics out of landfills, give us a call at (650) 493-8700. We also welcome you to stop by our Burlingame EcoCenter where we offer convenient electronics recycling drop off and business pickup services.


10 Comments on “Make a 3D Printer By Reinventing E-Waste

    Sound interesting ,isn’t it. Recycling E-waste to create something productive is truly appreciable, if it is 3D printer then nothing can be said as we have found its use almost everywhere else. I have read this content to know more about it.

    3D printers are an essential component in our modern world, as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment, recycling the E-waste is a very important step to clean our environment.

    This will be a technological breakthrough, this will change the recycling process and thus 3-D printer created via e-waste will be an asset to many of the people. I have never heard of this reinvention but this blog has really helped me to understand the advancement of technology.

    A huge part of the recycling process is done nowadays and it is a great idea to reuse the things that are to be wasted and if you read the article, you will get lots of ideas regarding this type of creative idea to make our own 3D printing machine. So, keep reading the content.

    I first used a 2D printer for printing. Then I tried to convert it in 3D, with the help of facebook, You can also try here to know more regarding this.

    Kodjo has a really cool story, I wouldn’t know where to begin in making my own 3D printer. It is cool that recycling electronics and printers lead to this invention. I want to get better with technology so that I could build something like this.

    Making 3D printer by using e-waste is really a creative thought.

    This is the best way of utilization of e wasting. This will make recycling. This is really a creative thought making a 3D printer through e-waste like assembling 3D printer kit.

    this is very creative idea to make our own 3D printing machine. 3D printing machines are very expensive so it is better to make your own printing machines with electronics waste. keep posting this kind of creative ideas and if possible then inform me Tenda Support Number I also want to try some different things.

    Wow, the totally astonishing idea this tech is cheap and require less team support this type of innovation.

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