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Reforestation Projects Are Gaining Momentum In The US

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There are now 26 different corporations in the US that have pledged massive reforestation projects in a joint effort that is seeing a lot more organized cooperation.

Fast Company has listed out some of the companies with the largest pledges to the USA's trillion tree campaign, and there are several household names you’ll recognize.

“Over the next decade, Salesforce plans to conserve and restore 100 million trees. Mastercard plans to reach the same number in five years. Timberland is also planting trees: 50 million of them. Clif Bar is adding 750,000. Microsoft, which plans to invest in reforestation as one piece of a strategy to become carbon negative, is developing technology for conservation organizations.”

The most significant breakthrough in this project is that all these companies are making it a joint effort.

They are sharing information and successes in a challenge that still has a lot of unknowns. Everything from the best locations to choosing the right types of trees to plant in certain areas causes significant hurdles.

But through the combined efforts of American Forests and The World Economic Forum, there is a lot more organization to ensure the time, money, and effort spent will result in the best results.

With financial support from some of the wealthiest companies in the world, this is a project that might just achieve its goals with excellent results.

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