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Tom DeWeese writes with a flair and the purpose of ‘Common Sense’ in a time when we dearly need some.C.J. Hadley, publisher, RANGE magazine

One of America’s best informed and most respected champions of free enterprise and principled government is Tom DeWeese.Ron Arnold, author and executive vice president, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Tom DeWeese is a vital force in the battle for American liberty because he tells it like it is, holding back nothing as he cuts through the politically-correct smokescreen to get out the truth.Jerome Corsi, Author

From afar, I have long admired your courage and your immense talent for writing. You personally represent that which I admire above all else: the brave American patriot upon whom free people everywhere depend to save America from the Socialism that now threatens it and thereby the Free World.Judi McLeod, Editor,

Our country should always feel a great debt to people like Tom DeWeese and others, who literally make it their business to monitor what Washington is doing, where big government is taking us, and alerting us that “we the people” can still be in charge, if we’re informed and active. Keep it up, Tom!Pat Boone

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