GreenCitizen® Launches New Center in San Francisco

GreenCitizen® Launches New Center in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, November 1, 2006 – GreenCitizen®, a green recycling company for end-of-life computers and electronics, today announced its expansion from Silicon Valley to San Francisco with the opening of its second educational and drop-off center, its first center in San Francisco.

The GreenCitizen San Francisco Center, located at 591 Howard Street near the corner of Howard and 2nd Street, is a convenient location where individuals and businesses can properly recycle end-of-life electronics and learn about the importance of safety and accountability in electronics recycling. The Center is open seven days a week, Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM. Free parking and carts are available to make it easy for GreenCitizen customers to bring in their electronics for recycling.

“The amount of obsolete electronics piling up in our offices and homes is staggering. We are very excited to extend our very popular green recycling services from Silicon Valley to San Francisco with the opening of our second center,” said James Kao, GreenCitizen’s Founder and CEO. “When electronics are not recycled properly, this e-waste may end up in landfills here or in developing countries, where it can cause serious environmental pollution. In order for responsible recycling to take off, it must be more convenient for consumers and businesses. In order for recycling to be truly responsible, there must be full accountability to make sure that everything gets recycled safely.”

GreenCitizen offers a variety of convenient customer services, including seven day a week drop-off recycling at its San Francisco and Silicon Valley Centers, business pick-up service, and data security services such as hard disk destruction and cell phone erasure. Items accepted include computers, monitors, printers, televisions, cell phones, printer cartridges, batteries, CD’s, and more. More information on items accepted and fees is at

To ensure safe disposal, equipment recycled through GreenCitizen will be sent only to de-manufacturers and processors who dispose of it according to industry best practices, who are signatories of the Basel Action Network Electronic Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship, and who share GreenCitizen’s commitment to responsible recycling.

GreenCitizen’s unique asset tracking system provides accountability for the safe disposal of toxic materials found in electronic equipment. Each major item received at a GreenCitizen center is catalogued by both a unique GreenCitizen ID number and its original manufacturer serial number. This allows the tracking of each item through each stage of the shipping, sorting and de-manufacturing process. The data gathered can serve as an “environmental scorecard” to help government agencies, corporations, OEMs, retailers and environmental groups measure recycling efforts in quantitative terms.

GreenCitizen also offers a program to encourage and reward recyclers through memberships and gift cards, as well as sponsorship opportunities for companies and local businesses to support responsible recycling.

About GreenCitizen
GreenCitizen provides convenient, accountable, and safe solutions that make it easy for individuals and business to recycling electronics responsibly- helping to save the environment from harmful electronic waste. GreenCitizen’s educational/drop-off centers in San Francisco and Los Altos, lectures, community programs and website inform people about the issues of electronic waste and the importance of responsible recycling. For more information, visit or call 415.287.0000 x701.