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Mobile Charging for EVs Could Become the Future With SparkCharge

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One of the biggest hurdles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is the shortage of readily available charging infrastructure.

The situation is improving as more charging stations pop up along highways and in places like shopping mall parking lots.

But there might be another way — a charger that comes to you in the time of need.

Jalopnik reports that a Massachusetts startup called SparkCharge is pioneering the first on-demand charging network.

“Imagine you just ran out of juice in your Chevy Bolt. There are chargers nearby, but they aren’t available at the moment. You download the SparkCharge app, called BoostEV, and report where you are and how much of a charge (as in range) you need. A SparkCharge “provider” arrives and uses the company’s chargers to charge your vehicle and get you on your way. It’s somewhat like AAA for your EV.”

SparkCharge service is currently available in 13 locations, mostly major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The heart of the mobile EV charging service is a portable modular battery called Roadie, designed and developed by SparkCharge.

And how much for a charge? Company founder Joshua Aviv says it costs just 50 cents a mile.

In his own words, this is a network that’s always on, always on the road, and needs neither permits nor construction. 

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