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Making The Fashion Industry Sustainable With The Latest Biotech Innovations

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The fashion industry has been making a welcome shift towards becoming more sustainable, with many companies introducing eco-friendly clothing lines regularly.

Positive News has detailed some significant innovations that have resulted in sustainable fashion resources and biodegradable materials.

“Berlin-based studio Blond & Bieber has developed an all-natural alternative to toxic clothing dyes – made from algae. Currently, up to 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used by the fashion and footwear sector, which can be hazardous to work with and risk polluting water systems. By extracting pigments from varieties of freshwater microalgae, it’s possible to create an enormously wide range of (non-toxic) colours, according to Blond & Bieber’s founder, Rasa Weber.”

One of the most significant technological breakthroughs might have come from a method of creating synthetic spider silk.

It’s stronger than steel, and by growing it in a lab, it has become possible to produce it in vast quantities.

And then there’s footwear.

With most shoes and sneakers heavily reliant on petroleum-based materials, they have long been the center of attention for an eco-friendly solution.

But now there is a way to create non-toxic organic polymers from corn. The result is a strong material that is every bit as durable as the old-style you’re probably wearing right now.

Watch out for some of these solutions to be advertised with your favorite brands. 

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