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What Often Happens to “Recycled” Electronics

Have you ever wondered what really happens to electronics that you have given to a “recycler”? The results may not have been what you had in mind. Often the most valuable parts are removed in the first process, and then low-value toxic remnants may pass through multiple “strippers” with the leftover toxic components ending up in our landfills or being exported to developing nations.

This is why landfills in the US contain as much as 6% toxic waste and up to 80 percent of US electronic waste collected for “recycling” is dumped in Asia and Africa. In these developing countries there are no environmental regulations, no safety regulations and no data security.

With Greencitizen, Electronics Are Responsibly Re-Used or Recycled

GreenCitizen provides comprehensive electronic waste recycling services that are convenient, accountable, and secure. These services include mail-in, drop-off and pick-up of your unwanted electronic items.

Unlike many electronic waste recycling companies that dump electronic waste in developing countries, GreenCitizen recycles all electronic items in the United States to stringent environmental and health regulations. This process ensures that all heavy metals and toxins in electronic items are reclaimed and reused rather than being sent to landfill or burned which is often the case with other recycling companies.

GreenCitizen’s closed-loop reuse department is able to repair and find new homes for approximately 5% of all electronic equipment received by GreenCitizen.

Through these efforts we have been able to outfit schools, non-profits and individuals with working systems.

Our reuse department does not ship any electronic items overseas. Refurbished items are only available to US based residents and organizations.

All reuse items can be recycled at any GreenCitizen Eco-Center at no charge at the end of their useful life.

GreenCitizen also sponsors fundraising recycling events.

You can schedule a business pickup or drop-off your electronics at our Burlingame EcoCenter.

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