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Invest In Renewable Energy — In 5 Years, It’ll Be The Cheapest

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A new analysis from Bloomberg NAF suggests that the renewable energy landscape is a better investment than fossil fuel in the long run.

In fact, they predict that in just 5 years, wind and solar power will become cheaper to operate than old-school coal and natural gas… giving more environmental and economic incentives to make the switch.

As written by Triple Pundit:

“The economics of renewables have been headed toward parity for several years, but this new data now shows renewable energy’s efficiency surpassing existing fossil fuels. Coal has always been an inefficient fuel source (about 65 percent of its energy is lost in the process of burning it to generate electricity), but it was cheap. That is no longer the case, and solar and wind power have become the better investment bet, with benefits beyond economics.”

I’m absolutely thrilled to hear this. I’m an environmentalist to the core because I care about the fate of the planet, but sadly big business usually only cares about profit.

As the magic money tree of renewable energy continues to sprout, investors will be forced to put more of their money there. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

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