How To Recycle Toasters?

Are toasters recyclable? Yes, they are. You have several options for getting rid of old toasters, with recycling being the best and most responsible one.

Here’s a complete guide to everything you should know about toaster recycling.

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Why Should You Recycle Toasters?

You should recycle toasters for environmental reasons:

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Harmful for the environment - Toasters fall under e-waste, which can contain harmful metals such as cadmium, lithium, and lead, which are bad for the environment.

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Less e-waste - If you recycle toaster ovens, you are sending less waste to landfills, which are rapidly approaching maximum capacity.

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Less mining - Recycling an old toaster means there’s a lower need to mine for new materials, and metals and plastic can be reused.

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Fire hazard - You are in danger if you leave a toaster in the trash can. They are combustible and easily catch on fire.

You should recycle toasters for financial reasons:

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Collection of raw materials - Recyclers can collect materials from recycled toasters, such as metal and plastic. These materials can be used to manufacture new items. The result is less money spent.

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Avoid fines - Some states have laws for the disposal of electronics, including toasters. It’s illegal to throw a toaster with your other trash, and fines go up to hundreds of dollars.

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Donate - If your toaster is in working condition, consider donating it. You can even donate one that doesn’t work, as some organizations accept broken items which they repair.

What Materials Can You Retrieve From Toasters?

Materials you can retrieve from toasters include:

Parts Retrieved Materials Through Recycling
The case Molded plastic, aluminum, nichrome wire
The terminal board Metal conductors, screws
The base Electrical cord

Overall, metals and plastic are most commonly taken from toasters. These come from the heating element, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, and the case. These can be reused to manufacture new ones.

How to Recycle Toasters?


E-Waste Recyclers

Certified e-waste recyclers are the best way to recycle toasters. Toasters fall under e-waste, and e-waste recyclers have the necessary knowledge and equipment for e-waste recycling. They can retrieve the maximum amount possible of materials. Moreover, toasters can contain harmful chemicals or metals, and a certified recycling facility knows how to handle these.


Municipal Waste Management

Toasters fall under e-waste, which not all municipal waste programs accept. Some municipalities don’t have the facilities or equipment needed for recycling e-waste. It’s best to contact your municipality to check if they accept toasters for recycling.



Some retailers accept toasters for recycling, usually without having to pay any fee. Check the website of the retailer you bought your toaster from for more information. National chains that accept toasters for recycling include Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, Walmart, and others.



A donation is a great option if you have a working toaster. You can offer it to non-profit organizations or community centers, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. These organizations can give or resell your old toaster to a family in need.

Tip: You can list your toaster for free on your local community Facebook Groups.

Where to Recycle Toasters?

You can always look up “toaster oven recycling near me,” “toaster recycling near me,” or where to recycle toaster oven near me.” To save you the trouble, here’s a complete guide on where to recycle toasters, no matter where in the US you are.

Drop-off Recycling (for Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area)

We offer drop-off recycling for San Francisco Bay Area residents.

Tip: Check our list of acceptable items before you drop by. We charge $1.00 per lb to recycle toasters.

You can bring us your toaster, and our employee will weigh it, so you can pay using a contactless chip reader.

Business Recycling Pick-ups (for Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area)

We also offer pick-up services for businesses in the SF Bay Area.

Here’s how the pick-up service works:

  • Gather all electronic items you want to be recycled and place them in a room with easy access (without staircases).
  • Take a photo of the items you want to recycle and email it to us. We’ll get back to you with a quote.
  • We’ll pick up your toasters and any other recycling items and send you an invoice once your items have been recycled.

This is a great option if you’re renovating the kitchen for your employees and want to get rid of old e-waste or have several e-waste items to dispose of.

Mail-in Recycling (US-Wide Service)

We’ve got you covered even if you don’t live in the SF Bay Area. You can mail in your toaster.

Here’s how to mail your toaster:

  • Weigh the toaster and fill in the mail-in form.
  • Pay the recycling fee online.
  • Select your preferred shipping company and send us the printer.
  • We’ll let you know once your toaster has been recycled.

Green Directory (US-Wide Service)

Use our Green Directory to search for certified e-waste recycling companies all over the US. This is the best way to find a certified recycler near you. It also means you’ll spend fewer resources on shipping or dropping off your toaster.

Simply type in your zip code in the Green Directory and enter toaster in the search bar, and you’ll get a list of all recyclers close to your location.

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