The E-Waste Crisis: 6 Ways You Can Help

electronics waste in africa

  Updated December 2018 The U.S. throws away 9.4 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) every year. Where does this go? It not only goes to our landfills, but to landfills around the world. Why is this bad?… Read More

E-Waste: The Biggest Environmental Crisis You’ve Never Heard Of

The E-Waste Crisis In 2008, 60 Minutes ran a piece revealing what actually happens to our old electronics when we throw them away. In The Wasteland, CBS correspondent Scott Pelley follows the trail of electronic waste (e-waste) all the… Read More

Is Styrofoam Recyclable? Styrofoam Recycling in San Francisco

Updated August 2018 Can you recycle Styrofoam? Yes and you should! In fact, GreenCitizen conveniently offers Styrofoam recycling for San Francisco Bay Area residents and businesses at our Burlingame EcoCenter. With coffee cups, packing peanuts, building insulation, and takeout… Read More

Get Paid for your iPhone, and Help Protect the Environment!

How selling your old iPhone to GreenCitizen keeps other electronics out of landfills. Our latest blog post from GC staff writer Jake Hanft

How to Recycle VHS Tapes and Cassette Tapes

How to recycle VHS and Cassette Tapes – GreenCitizen’s latest blog post. #VHS #recycle