Laptop Recycling: How to Recycle Your Laptop?

Person typing on new laptop and needs laptop recycling

You’ve had your clunky laptop for many years and now it’s time for an upgrade. Once you finally pick out the perfect one, you’ll find yourself with two laptops taking up space. What do you do with the… Read More

4 Reasons Why Electronic Recycling Costs are Skyrocketing

Old television for recycling - broken audio

You may have noticed the increasing price of recycling your old electronics. There are 4 major reasons why electronic recycling costs have risen over 100% in 2018.  The high plastic content found in over 50% of electronics recycled… Read More

The iPhone 6: A Green Apple? An Optimistic Trend

iPhone 6

With Apple’s recent unveiling of its new iPhone 6 and 6+, many are wondering (aside from how to get one) how much the new phone differs from previous models. The technical differences I’ll leave to the rest of… Read More

Global e-waste dumping: Shipping Unwanted Electronics to the Developing World

boy checking laptop on electronics waste

Not all electronics recycling companies in the US and Europe follow stringent environmental practices like GreenCitizen. There are electronics recycling companies that engage in global dumping and instead of recycling electronics responsibly, ship e-waste to foreign dumps in… Read More

Cell Phone Recycling: What to Do with Your Old Phones

GreenCitizen Cell Phone recycling

Updated September 2018 Did you know that 95% of Americans own a cellphone? As more and more upgrades appear on the market, 75% of people leave their old cell phones sitting around the house. What can we do with this… Read More