How To Recycle DLP/Projector TVs?

DLP and projector TVs were the high-end technology of the early 2000s before the time of plasma and LCD TVs. Many of these old TVs have survived longer than people expected, and some people might even have an old one gathering dust in the garage.


Why Should You Recycle DLP or Projector TVs?

Similar to the old CRT tube TVs, the DLP technology relied on many different materials, with many of them being toxic if released into the environment. These include things like lead, cadmium, phosphorus, mercury, and beryllium.

And in a lot of cases, these toxic metals are mixed in with other materials like glass, making them difficult or impossible to fully extract. 

It requires special equipment and processes to handle these materials properly and then dispose of them in a regulated and safe way so that they don’t do any harm to humans or the environment. 

But some of these old projector TVs also contain many materials that can be fully recycled. And by extracting things like steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic, it’s possible to increase the supply of such raw materials for use in new electronic devices. 

These are the main benefits of recycling your DLP TV:

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Avoid Releasing Toxins - While many toxic metals in these TVs will do no harm in your home, if they end up at a landfill, they can quickly release into the environment.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gasses - Old electronic equipment often ends up in containers in developing countries where they are burned to extract reusable metals.

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Extract Raw Materials - DLP TVs are often very large and contain a lot of steel, aluminum, and plastic, which can be easily used in the production of new devices.

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Lower Demand For Mining - Many of the raw materials in TVs have to be mined in very environmentally damaging ways, which can be reduced by proper recycling processes.

What Materials Can You Retrieve From DLP or Projector TVs?

There are two main focuses of DLP TV lamp recycling. 

First of all, many large parts of steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic can be easily removed and processed for use in the production of other consumer goods. That is usually the easy part. 

It becomes a bit more difficult to extract metals from internal wiring and circuit boards, which requires specialized equipment and processing techniques. 

What is even more important, though, is that the toxic chemicals and metals contained in many mixed materials are properly identified and dealt with. It’s often not possible to extract these, and the disposal of these is highly regulated and controlled.

How to Recycle DLP TV Sets?

If you’re ready to do the right thing and make sure that your projector TV is fully recycled, then take a look at these options.


E-Waste Recyclers

The best and safest option for you to deal with projector TVs is by bringing them to a specialist in e-waste recycling. These are registered and certified companies that have the tools and processes to properly deal with toxic and reusable materials.

Municipal Office

Municipal Waste Management

Many local waste management sites will also offer a drop-off service for electrical appliances, including TVs. What you will need to do is contact them before to ensure they will take in the type of TV you have.


Retailer Stores

Many electronic stores offer a recycling service that can even be free of charge if you buy a new TV. What I would recommend is calling your local stores before you go there to ask what their policy is, and you’ll be able to deal with the recycling while shopping for a new TV.


Manufacturers’ Recycling Programs

Electronic appliance manufacturers were put under a lot of regulatory pressure to come up with end-of-life support programs for their devices. As a result, you’ll find that most manufacturers now have a recycling program where they partner with other companies and retailers to handle the initial processing of an old DLP TV.

Where to Recycle DLP/Projector TVs?

Now let me show you how you can best deal with your old DLP TV by using the services available at Green Citizen.

Drop-off Recycling (For Individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area) 

If you live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area, then the easiest thing you can do is drop off your projector TV at our Burlingame location. Simply fill out the drop-off form in advance and pay the relevant fee, and you can then call in at a convenient time.

Business Recycling Pickup (For Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area)

We also offer a collection service for commercial businesses in the Bay Area. The process is simple, and all you need to do is pre-fill the collection form with details of the device you want us to collect. We then invoice you for the recycling and collections and arrange a convenient time to come to your office.

Mail-in Recycling (US-Wide Service)

Another option you have, if you don’t live close enough for a drop-off and don’t have an alternative recycling company near you, is to mail your old DLP projector TV to us. Simply fill out the mail-in form and pay the recycling fee online. Then use your preferred delivery service to get the TV to us.

Green Directory (US-Wide Service)

Finally, for people across America, you can also use our Green Directory to find a registered recycling service near you. The search feature only requires your zip code, and we’ll show you a list of the closest recycling companies.

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