Electronics Recycling: How to Schedule a Pick-Up For Your Business

Electronics Recycling pick-up

It’s that time of year again. Your company’s computers have slowed to a crawl, the printers have become temperamental, and last year’s iPhone will no longer do. As a San Francisco Bay Area IT or Office manager, you’re… Read More

Broken CFLs: CFL Bulb Disposal and Recycling

Broken CFLs

Updated December 2018 Oh no! You have a broken CFL bulb and don’t know what to do. Do broken fluorescent bulbs get recycled? Why can’t you just clean it up and throw it away? Don’t worry, we can… Read More

GreenCitizen Receives “Best For The World Award 2013” for its Electronics Recycling Efforts

best for the world award

GreenCitizen’s efforts in tackling the electronic-waste crisis have been recognized with the Best for the World Award 2013. The award is presented to the top 10% of all B-Corporations. The B-Corp or “Benefit-Corp” certification is to sustainable businesses… Read More

How to Recycle Christmas Tree Lights this Holiday Season

christmas tree lights recycling center

Updated November 2018 It’s that time of year again. That moment when you plug in your Christmas lights and they don’t light up with the cheer you were expecting. Or you might want to try something new this… Read More

Hard Drive Destruction in San Jose

san jose hard drive destruction

Identity theft tops the list of complaints filed with the FTC every year since 1999. Last year 18% of all complaints filed were related to identity theft. Where do these criminals get your personal information from? Well, one… Read More