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How Lyft Is Leading The Way For More EV Usage

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Uber’s main competitor Lyft has made a welcome announcement to make its entire fleet 100% electric in the next 10 years.

That is a massive announcement from a company that currently has only 1% EV exposure.

Thanks to a Reuters story, we found some more details of how this switch will progress.

“John Zimmer, Lyft’s co-founder and president, said the company has reached a scale to impact policy change. Lyft, whose vehicle fleet is currently made up of less than 1% electric cars, in a statement said it would aggressively promote and help drivers access incentive funds. ‘If policymakers do their part in the next few years, EVs should reach cost parity with gasoline vehicles by mid-decade,’ the company said.”

While there are many hurdles to creating a sustainable infrastructure for a large scale shift towards EVs, this announcement is a move in the right direction.

As the company currently has 1.4 million registered drivers, making a Lyft electric vehicles fleet reality could be the push needed for massive changes ahead.

Let’s see if Uber will follow suit. 

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