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Finnish Design Brand Produces Eco-Friendly and Compostable Fabric

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The Finnish design brand Marimekko has partnered with an eco-friendly fabric startup company, and the partnership has finally brought about a new and innovative fabric

Spinnova has managed to produce the new material using wood-pulp from sustainably grown trees that come with a substantial environmental benefit.

Fast Company has shared some interesting facts about the environmental impact in a recent article. 

“While the fabrics look and feel like Marimekko’s traditional cotton fabrics, the wood pulp requires 99% less water than cotton production. And at the end of the fabric’s life, it can be entirely recycled or composted.”

With the fashion industry long being one of the more polluting but less reported industries, this is a very positive move. And considering the durability of the new fabric, early concerns that they may fall apart are now gone. 

As it turns out, the way the company processes the wood fibers actually makes them far stronger and more durable than anything cotton can achieve.

With production ramping up over the coming two years, you should see these available soon. And hopefully, this new type of fabric will revolutionize an industry that has been largely unchanged for hundreds of years. 

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