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Dominion Energy Files for Approval of New Solar Projects

Dominion Energy Files for Approval of New Solar Projects

Dominion Energy, a Virginia-based company, announced its largest group of solar and energy storage projects.

These projects will help achieve the goal of the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

According to Dominion Energy, their proposal includes solar projects on different scales and energy storage projects.

Once all of the projects are active, it’s estimated that they will provide more than 1,000 megawatts of carbon-free electricity. This will be enough energy to power around 250,000 homes.

Every day, the clean energy economy is becoming more of a reality in Virginia, This is the largest expansion of solar and energy storage in Virginia history and a major leap forward in delivering clean energy to our customers. As we expand renewables across Virginia, we remain laser-focused on keeping our service affordable and reliable. These projects live up to that promise.

Ed Baine, President of Dominion Energy Virginia

The solar projects are expected to be completed partly in 2022 and partly in 2023.

This won’t affect the residential customer’s bill by much. It’s estimated that $1.13 will be added to the monthly bill.

If approved, these projects will provide clean energy to customers. They will also help reach the goal of having 100% of electricity in Virginia come from clean sources by 2045.

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