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Aptera Launches Three-Wheeled Solar Electric Car That Needs No Charging

US startup Aptera has premiered a solar electric vehicle that can travel up to 1,000 miles on a full battery, which most drivers won't...
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The Sycamore Tiny House Is Packed With Ingenious Space-Saving Solutions

The Sycamore is a great example of a tiny home for people looking to downsize into something more space-efficient and definitely more sustainable.
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Sydney’s Central Business District Has Raised Sustainable Urban Development To A Whole New Level

The latest urban development in Sydney’s Central Business District may make civil engineers reconsider their approach to sustainable urban planning.
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An Engineering Solution To A Sustainable Australian Life

José Mantilla’s work with the Australian government has brought about a lot of positive changes that have made cities a lot friendlier for public...
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The 21 Best Renewable Energy Jobs for the Sustainable Job Seeker

The renewable energy industry is growing 12% faster than all the US economy, opening up a range of lucrative jobs on all levels. Here’s...
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Designing A Sustainable City In The Desert

A sustainable city in Dubai has taken green construction to a whole new level with a net-zero energy development.
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A Japanese Architect Is Turning Sustainable Design On Its Head

Kengo Kuma is a Japanese architect who has rightfully gained a lot of reputation in sustainable design architecture.
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Three Sustainable Islands Rise Off the Coast of Malaysia

Malaysia is building three artificial islands off the coast of Penang that will become hubs of sustainability, biodiversity, and liveability.
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London Roastery To Be Turned Into Net-Zero Carbon Office Space

The local council in London’s Vauxhall region has plans to turn a disused Costa Coffee roastery building into a net-zero carbon office space for...
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21 Sustainable Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow in 2021

From ethical fashion to growing your own food, we look at 21 sustainable bloggers who give you tips, tricks, and guides on living a...
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