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How Businesses in the Industrial Sector Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Enterprises in the industrial sector have a responsibility to implement these changes to their processes and procedures in order to reduce their carbon footprint.
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Proterra Unveils EV Charging System For Full Fleet Electrification

Proterra’s new charging system can be configured to supply 1.5 megawatts of power to 20 EVs at the same time.
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Capri’s Innovative Power Station Replaces The Island’s Diesel Plant

The new Terna electric power station on the island of Capri in Italy is a brilliant example of sustainable architecture that blends seamlessly into...
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Volkswagen Jumps Ahead Of The Curve For EV Sales

Volkswagen is Germany’s largest car manufacturer, and their most recent figures for 2020 car sales show that the company has almost tripled the number...
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The Rockefeller Foundation Breaks Ties With Its Fossil Fuel Past

John D. Rockefeller founded his philanthropic foundation over 100 years ago, and the organization has now announced that it will break all ties with...
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Siemens Combines Wind Energy With Hydrogen Production

Germany’s industrial energy components maker, Siemens, has announced that its first commercial green hydrogen production plant will combine with an offshore windmill.
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The Guardian Ends Ties To Fossil Fuel Advertisers

One of the world’s leading news and media companies, The Guardian, has announced that it will no longer accept advertising from fossil fuel companies.
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Indian Initiative Supports Renewable Energy For Small Farmers

Smallholder farmers in rural India have gained significant support to switch from highly polluting diesel generators and pumps to renewable energy sources.
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NextEra Helps Businesses Electrify Their Fleets

The world’s biggest investor-owned green energy provider expands its services to include helping their clients electrify their fleets.
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Tiny Homes By IKEA Help Fight Climate Change

IKEA has launched a new line of eco-friendly tiny houses or trailers that are packed with the company's airy design and minimalistic functionality.
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