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USPS Goes Green with New Delivery Vehicle Fleet

The United States Postal Service has announced that it was awarded a multi-billion dollar contract to update its delivery fleet.
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Indiana Utility: Replacing Coal with Renewables Saves Customers $4 Billion

Northern Indiana Public Service Co. has revealed its road map which will end the reign of coal as the state's primary source of electrical...
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Gatik Deploys Autonomous Electric Vehicles in New Orleans

Gatik is an autonomous vehicle startup that is already proving that driverless vans can work in middle-mile delivery. Now they are launching a fully...
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Siemens Energy Takes a Shot at the US Green Hydrogen Opportunity

Siemens Energy announced a project that would study how its Silyzer electrolyzers could be applied for the green hydrogen technology in the Intermountain Power...
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Environmental Protection Policies Can Benefit Businesses, According to Study

New research has revealed that there are many opportunities for businesses to profit from environmental protection policies.
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Mail-Delivered Produce Can Help Both People and Nature

A proposed program called Farmers Post could close the gap between farmers and food shoppers by delivering fresh fruit and vegetables along with your...
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Anheuser-Busch’s Brewers Collective Launches New PPE Recycling Program in Craft Breweries Across the U.S.

Brewers Collective, the craft business unit of Anheuser-Busch, has announced a national partnership with TerraCycle to promote the proper recycling of PPE.
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Michelin Partners With French Startup NEOLINE To Promote Carbon-Free Shipping

The Michelin Group has signed a transport commitment with NEOLINE, a French startup that specializes in decarbonized shipping services.
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Colombian Company Builds Low-Income Housing With Coffee Husks

Colombian company Woodpecker is using coffee husks to manufacture lightweight prefabricated buildings for home and schooling use.
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Airline Giant Steps Away From Single-Use Plastic

British Airways plans to completely remove single-use plastics from all flights after running a few initial trials with eco-friendly materials.
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