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Ocean Drone Startup Merger Results in a Prime Sea Exploration Drone

The Sofar Trident drone shoots awesome video footage, tracks waves and weather, can spot fishing and diving locations, inspect boats and infrastructure for damage,...
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TCL Electronics Achieves Another EPA Sustainability Award

The electronics manufacturer TCL has managed to win the EPA’s annual Sustainable Materials Management gold-tier award.
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New Apps May Help Reduce Unnecessary Food Waste

There are a few high-tech apps that have helped users connect in innovative ways to reduce food waste and maybe even make a free...
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Vancouver Company Turns Chopsticks Into Furniture

A Vancouver company has found a unique way to reuse chopsticks as raw materials for furniture.
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North Carolina Invests Heavily in Plastic Recycling

A Swedish plastics manufacturer called Polykemi Inc. is opening its first U.S.-based factory in North Carolina and will be using a significant amount of...
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Toyota Plans To Expand Its EV Series and Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

At the Auto Shanghai motor show, Toyota announced the Toyota bZ — their new series of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
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Oil Industry Plans to Return Carbon to the Ground

A carbon capture project led by oil giants in Teesside, UK aims to trap pollutants before they end up in the air.
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Tucson, AZ Makes Steps Toward Being the First City To Implement Zero-Waste Construction

The city of Tucson has begun working with Byfusion, a company that makes block-machines from recycled plastic.
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Taiwanese 7-Eleven To Start Phasing Out Single-Use Plastic

Taiwan’s 7-Eleven announced they plan to phase out single-use plastic by 2050.
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We Need To Change the Culture If We Want To Get to a Circular Economy

Companies are trying hard to move toward circular packaging, with NGOs and advocates keeping pressure on top brands to take a bigger responsibility for...
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