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Eco-Friendly Organic Boost For The Textile Industry

Textile company Ultrafabrics has developed four new kinds of fabrics that are made from plant-based materials and can offer high durability and strength.
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Hollywood Star Partners With Green Construction Company

Hollywood actor Michael Keaton announced partnership with green construction startup Nexii that builds green alternatives for common construction materials.
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Facebook Announces Plans to Become “Water Positive”

Facebook plans to become water positive by 2030. They aim to return more water to the environment than the company consumes.
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How Robotics and AI Can Impact Sustainable Manufacturing

More and more businesses from all niches are adopting sustainable manufacturing methods. You’d be surprised to see how much robotics and AI can actually...
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British Airways Reveals Plans to Become More Sustainable

British Airways commits to using sustainable aviation fuel during the COP26 climate change summit. It will reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.
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Logitech Plans to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Logitech announces a climate-positive approach and plans to be carbon neutral by the end of 2021 with their Reduce, Renew, Restore Strategy.
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Carlsberg Group Joins WFA’s Planet Pledge

Carlsberg, the brewing giant, has signed the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) Planet Pledge to increase consumer awareness and improve the supply chain. ...
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A New Zealand Company Uses Microorganisms to Mine Gold From Electronics

A New Zealand company, Mint Innovation, has found a way to extract gold and other precious metals from e-waste that’s better for the environment.
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Michigan Collaboration Introduces Large Scale Recycling Economy

Lawmakers and the chamber of commerce in Michigan have joined forces and announced a bold new plan to completely rethink and massively boost the...
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United Airlines to Finance 3.4 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel Made From Trash

United Airlines revealed they have partnered with Nike Inc. and Siemens AG in an “Eco-Skies Alliance" to finance the production of 3.4 million gallons...
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