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A Scottish Island Has Moved To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Residents of Eigg Island in Scotland has taken action to switch from diesel generators to renewable supplies.
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Solar Power Helping Low-Income Households In Colorado Save Money

Colorado is pioneering an innovative approach that solves two challenges at once: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering low-income families’ electricity bills.
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A New Solar Energy Solution Inspired By Plants

By using an artificial photosynthesis approach that harnesses sunlight, we could be in a position to produce hydrogen without burdening the environment.
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Solar Farms In Minnesota Now Grow Food Too

Solar farm developers are now required to use native plants as bedding for solar farms in Minnesota, which created pollinator-friendly environments.
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Nuclear Fusion To Create Clean Energy Could Be On The Horizon

Nuclear fusion to create clean energy could be a game-changer and is potentially possible within a few years.
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The Earth Could Power Our Future Energy Needs

A new start-up company called Eavor is developing a solution that combines expertise and technology from the geothermal and oil industries.
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UK Rail Services Move Towards Renewable Energy

UK's HS1 train link has now achieved the first-ever renewable energy status for a railway.
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Providence Improves Its Wind Energy Output

In the latest Providence news, the city is making positive headlines with it getting the go-ahead for 3 new waterfront wind turbines.
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Clean Energy For Virginia’s Churches

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Virginia, has taken giant steps towards making all of its buildings at least partially powered by renewable electricity.
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The 11 Best Solar Generators of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

From the Jackery Explorer to the infamous Kodiak, I take a look at the best (and worst!) solar generators for camping, RVs, emergency backup...
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