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Nearly All New US Power Plants Built In 2021 Will Be Carbon-Free

Wind and solar currently make up a small share of U.S. electricity production, but they are being targeted to supply 70 percent of newly...
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Des Moines Pledges 24/7 Clean Electricity By 2035 Based On Google’s Model

The Des Moines City Council approved a resolution that outlines a series of carbon reduction goals, including one that promises 24/7 clean energy by...
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Capri’s Innovative Power Station Replaces The Island’s Diesel Plant

The new Terna electric power station on the island of Capri in Italy is a brilliant example of sustainable architecture that blends seamlessly into...
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Big Battery — The Missing Piece In The Renewables Puzzle

The Moss Landing Power Plant in Northern California is ready to begin a new life as the site of the world’s largest battery that...
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Solar Farms Popping Up In The Unlikeliest Places

Regions like Alaska are some of the least likely places you’d expect to see solar panels, but a solar farm in Willow is proof...
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Minnesota Power Plans To Deliver 100% Emission-Free Energy By 2050

Minnesota Power has revealed its goal to deliver 100% carbon-free energy to customers by 2050, and this goal includes expanding wind and solar resources.
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Siemens Combines Wind Energy With Hydrogen Production

Germany’s industrial energy components maker, Siemens, has announced that its first commercial green hydrogen production plant will combine with an offshore windmill.
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Oregon’s Last Coal Power Plant Finally Shuts Down

The gigantic furnace of the Boardman coal plant that accounted for more than 65% of stationary carbon emissions in Oregon is now dark and...
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How To Become A PV Installer And Land Those Solar Installer Jobs

Solar installer jobs are among the most profitable skilled trades jobs available today. But how do you find one of these jobs? What skills...
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Renewables Will Overtake Coal As Top Power Source in Next 5 Years

The International Energy Agency (IEA) issued a report that says solar and wind power are bound to overtake coal as the largest producer of...
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