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The First Of Its Kind: A Climate Solutions Fund Run By Dominican Nuns

Sixteen congregations of Dominican nuns in the US pioneered a collaboration with Morgan Stanley to create a $130 million “climate solutions fund.”
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A Scottish Highlands Estate Becomes A Home To A New Family Of Golden Eagles

A pair of golden eagles successfully reared the chick at an artificial eyrie on the 10,000-acre Dundreggan Estate in Scottish Highlands for the first...
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Ancient Pompeii Had Its Own Recycling System

Archaeologists have recently discovered that ancient Pompeiians recycled locally and used litter bins too.
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How A Smarter Approach To Food Waste Could Limit Greenhouse Gases

Composting a ton of food waste in a small composter at home rather than sending it a landfill could reduce the amount of CO2...
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Can Green Ideas Solve Economic Issues?

By shifting away from the outdated and almost random stimulus of the past, there could be some substantial positive impacts on the environment.
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A Mexican Reef Could Inspire Global Changes

This summer has brought some great news from a Mexican reef called Cabo Pulmo because decisive local action has rejuvenated an amazing marine ecosystem.
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Good News For The International Fight Against Ivory Trade

There’s been some great news for the battle against the illegal trade in ivory, which could make it a lot easier for law enforcement...
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A United Faith Approach To Dealing With Climate Change

The city of Boulder, Colorado, has taken a wonderful approach to unify different faiths to create more awareness of global climate change.
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