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The Return Of Dolphins To The Potomac

1,000 river dolphins have returned to the lower Potomac, showing that anti-pollution legislation in the area is working.
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Scientists Grow Dates from 2000-Year-Old Seeds

Scientists in southern Israel managed to grow date palms from ancient seeds uncovered in archeological excavations.
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Extensive Efforts Cause Air Pollution to Drop In China

Bbetween 2013 and 2017, particle pollution in 74 key Chinese cities has fallen by an average of 33%.
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Surfers Are Becoming Part Of A Global Ocean Monitoring Network

A new idea aims to equip thousands of surfboards with multiple sensors that measure the oceans’ surface water temperature.
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These Women Warriors Are Protecting the Amazon Forest

In Brazil, protecting primary forests is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective ways of fighting climate change, and these women are literally...
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Skincare By Nature: The Benefits Of Organic Cosmetics

The organic beauty sector is at an all-time high, as conscious consumers want sustainable cosmetics that fit their values and promote a logistic sense...
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A Solution To California’s Clean Energy Storage Problems

Clean energy in California has been advancing at a rapid pace, and now the state might be able to step things up even more.
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E-Bikes Are Solving City Pollution And Congestion

If you live in a city like Portland, an e-bike will get you anywhere you need to go with minimal environmental impact.
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How Living Small Can Make A Big Difference

A new eco-blogger has attracted a lot of positive attention for providing a step-by-step account of her transition into creating a carbon-neutral home.
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A Boost For Renewable Energy Storage

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will take even more steps to revolutionize the process of making batteries for renewable energy to become a...
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