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Increasing Speed Of Renewable Energy Growth In The US Shows Promising Developments

Renewable energy production is now outgrowing fossil fuel sources in the USA.
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Reforestation Projects Are Gaining Momentum In The US

There are now 26 corporations that have made pledges to the USA's trillion tree campaign.
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Five Inspiring Ways to Change the World

Here are five inspiring ideas on how to change the world and help the environment.
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A Fashion Initiative That Helps Identify More Sustainable Materials

Gap’s Preferred Fiber Toolkit allows for more accurate data assessment when it comes to sourcing for more eco-friendly materials.
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Maine’s Vote Of Confidence In Solar Energy

Maine could become the first state to ultimately turn away from coal and gas power plants.
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The Growing Demand For Circular Cotton Supply

Wrangler has a project that, if successful, might help create a large-scale sustainable cotton supply chain.
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Seaweed Bacteria Can Make Laundry Environmentally Friendly

Scientists discovered an enzyme in seaweed that can be used as an eco-friendly cleaner for washing clothes.
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Microsoft to Become Water Positive by 2030

Microsoft will reduce their water use intensity and put more water back than they are taking out so they can become water positive by...
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Rescued From Wildlife Trade: Pangolin Gave Birth To A Healthy Pup

Conservation authorities in South Africa rescued a pregnant pangolin from poachers and placed her in the African Pangolin Working Group’s release program.
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Power Kites: An Alternative To Massive Wind Turbines

Instead of traditional turbines with massive towers that inevitably become a part of the landscape, these flying kites offer a much smaller system with...
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