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How New UK Laws Could Protect Rainforests

New deforestation laws are emerging in the UK that would require any local business to prove that they obtained none of their resources through...
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Green Space Could Be Making The Next Generation More Intelligent

It seems like the latest research is showing a more specific and positive link between children’s IQ levels and their ability to access a...
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U.S. Senate Passes Important Conservation Bill

The US Senate just passed a conservation act titled the “Great Outdoors Act” which will give $900 million in funding to Land & Water...
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The Food Company Using AI To Create Sustainable Recipes For Food Manufacturers

Journey Foods has started using modern technologies like AI and machine learning to help improve their business and make recipes more sustainable.
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UK Pub Chain to Roll Out 900 EV Charging Points Across UK To Achieve Sustainability Goals

Pub chain Greene King is planning to roll out electric vehicle charging points at 900 of its 2,700 pubs, making it easier for customers...
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London Roastery To Be Turned Into Net-Zero Carbon Office Space

The local council in London’s Vauxhall region has plans to turn a disused Costa Coffee roastery building into a net-zero carbon office space for...
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The Farmer Who Turned Into A Sustainable Farm-to-Consumer Mogul

An online store for sustainable farm-to-consumer produce has been set up by a farm owner in central Wisconsin as a way of adapting to...
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Ocean-Based Conservation In The Age Of COVID-19

Lifeguard Michaela Morris is using digital means to share her love of the ocean and inspire lasting environmental change.
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Making The Fashion Industry Sustainable With The Latest Biotech Innovations

The fashion industry has been making a welcome shift towards becoming more sustainable, with many companies introducing eco-friendly clothing lines almost regularly.
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The Hobbled German Wind Market Is Bouncing Back in 2020

The German wind energy market is bouncing back in 2020 after its wind capacity dropped in 2019, spelling good news for renewable power in...
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