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A Brighter Future For Humpback Whales

In the last 60 years, the number of humpback whales has gone from as few as 440 to about 25,000 today,
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Has Lebanon Become An Unexpected Sea Turtle Sanctuary?

The country famous for its cigarettes and Roman ruins seems poised to also become known as a sea turtle sanctuary.
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Plant-Based Jerky Becomes a New Sustainable Snack

As the palette of plant-based foods keeps growing, beef and turkey jerky now have a sustainable alternative.
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Going Green to Become Central Coronavirus Recovery Strategy for Businesses

Launching green products or services, introducing green processes in-house, and other eco-friendly initiatives can actually benefit companies.
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Study Finds Consumer Carbon Emissions Dropped in 2020

The analysis by the Carbon Trust saw a drop in emissions in categories like food and drink, fuel, commuting, airlines, electronics stores, and clothing...
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UK’s First Facility to Convert Plastic into Hydrogen Fuel

The plastic conversion facility is the first stage of a “plastic park” that would include a number of different ways to solve UK’s plastic...
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New Type of Bacteria Producing Sustainable Nylon

The manufacture of nylon might be revolutionized, as scientists discover bacteria that make the whole process not only sustainable but also emission-free.
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Italy to Subsidize Bikes and E-Scooters with €500

Residents of of Italian cities that number more than 50,000 can now apply for €500 ($600) for the purchase of a new bicycle or...
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Another Positive Step Towards An End To Non-Sustainable Sources of Energy

A small British community has managed to help turn an old mining area into a wildlife reserve.
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How New UK Laws Could Protect Rainforests

New deforestation laws are emerging in the UK that would require any local business to prove that they obtained none of their resources through...
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