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Renewable Energy Still America’s Most Lucrative Field of Investment

Renewable energy investments in the U.S. remain firmly in the bull market despite the global pandemic and are destined to grow over the next...
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This Prefab House Is Made Entirely Of Recycled Materials

There’s a new project in Bali that has created tiny houses made entirely of recycled materials.
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Bartender on a Mission to Lower Your Cocktail’s Carbon Emission

Hunky Dory is a cocktail bar in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood that sets new standards of sustainability on the NYC food and beverages scene.
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How Plastic Reuse Can Actually Boost Business Profits

Some economists have calculated that switching to reusable plastics could save up to 30% on material costs compared to sticking with the throw-away model.
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The Urban Miniature Forest Solution

A Japanese botanist named Akira Miyawaki has successfully transformed urban areas into miniature forests that are creating amazing ecosystems.
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A New Plastic Recycling Innovation Creates Stronger Asphalt

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most commonly used form of plastic. Now, a California-based company has been able to use recycled PET in asphalt...
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High-Tech 3D Printing Meets Eco-Friendly Construction

Scientists at Texas A&M University have now been able to use highly sustainable materials to 3D print entire facades of buildings.
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Mississippi Teens Take a Stand Against Climate Change

Local teenagers and community activists from Duck Hill, Mississippi are taking a stand against climate change and looking to educate the town.
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UK Footballer Hector Bellerin Plants 58,617 Trees In The Amazon

Arsenal F.C. star Héctor Bellerín has recently completed a campaign which will see 58,617 new trees planted in the dwindling Amazon rainforest.
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Woman Trains Indigenous People To Help Save South American Forests

A Bolivian conservation biologist has recently begun recruiting indigenous South American people as “parabiologists” to save the ecosystems of a huge region of South...
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