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China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge Set For 2060 By President Xi Jinping

China is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060, with other large structures like the EU aiming for 2050.
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Maryland Foam Food Container Ban Now in Effect

A new Maryland law that took effect October 1 bans the use of foam boxes that restaurants often use for takeout orders.
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Biodegradable Flip Flops Created By Researchers Using Algae

The University of San Diego California has created a line of biodegradable flip flops made from algae-based polyurethane.
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Fashion Industry Rewards Sustainability

For this year's Redress Design Awards, creators had to prove that every aspect of the design and making process took a fully sustainable approach.
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Photography Project Celebrates California Marine Protected Areas In 60 Photographs

“Our Ocean’s Edge” is a project by photographer Jasmine Swope that documents marine life and natural landscapes in California's marine protected areas.
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The Future Of Urban Farming Is On The Roof Of A Thai University

Thammasat University has designed a stunning rooftop farm that aims to connect the urban area to traditional rice fields in northern Thailand.
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Unilever’s Alternatives To Fossil Fuel Aim For Net-Zero By 2039

Unilever has pledged to invest $1.2 billion into replacing chemicals in their cleaning products with safer, greener alternatives.
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Rihanna’s New Vegan Skincare Line Aims to Reduce Waste

Rihanna has released her new vegan skincare line called Fenty Skin that puts sustainability in the first place.
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Norway’s Zero-Emissions District Could Revolutionize Urban Planning

The town of Bergen, Norway, has welcomed a revolutionary eco-friendly development plan that aims to reclaim an old logistic port and ferry terminal.
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Meet ‘Casa Volcanes’ The Colombian Home Made From 80% Reclaimed Wood

The architects say that the reclaimed and natural elements of the home aren’t only environmentally friendly and visually appealing, but they helped to keep...
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