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Netflix’s ‘Kiss the Ground’ Points Out The Healing Power of Soil

Streaming on Netflix, this optimistic climate documentary explains how soil can become central to reversing the effects of climate change.
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A Jobs Boost For The Green Energy Sector

A proposed new wind farm off the coast of Maryland could further increase the demand for workers in the renewable energy sector.
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Putting Restaurant Food Waste To Good Use

Austin, Texas has become the first city in the US to gradually introduce laws that force restaurant owners to reuse and recycle all their...
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How An App Might Put An End To Illegal Fishing

There's now an app that can significantly improve the effectiveness of cracking down on illegal fishing.
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Going Beyond Green Tourism With Regenerative Travel Ideas

Would it not be a good idea to develop a tourism model that might reverse the damage to local ecosystems?
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Rare Endangered Plants Are Making A Comeback In Wisconsin

There has been some positive news coming from Wisconsin about a rare carnivorous plant that was previously considered threatened in this state and endangered...
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Uber Joins The Push For Electric Vehicles

Uber has officially announced a road map to shift their entire fleet to electric vehicles.
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Loop’s Launch Promises to Reinvent the Reusable Packaging Model

An initiative by a fledgling company called Loop has inspired more than two dozen of the world’s biggest brands to reconsider reusable packaging.
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New Refuge for Rare Trees and Primates in Tanzania

Tanzania has officially created a new protected area that provides protection to rare and endangered fauna and flora.
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Gecko Encourages Madagascar Vanilla Farmers to Plant Trees

The gold dust day gecko is a common sight in Madagascar, but the locals have always known that the species is natural pest control...
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