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HSBC Goes For Net Zero Carbon On Investments By 2050

The 6th largest bank in the world said that it plans to align the carbon emissions of its customers to the Paris Agreement goal...
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Are These 3 Methods The Solution To Fast Fashion’s Waste Issues?

Amit Kalra discusses 3 potential methods for reducing fast fashion’s impact on sustainability in his TED Talk.
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Impossible Burger Displacing Animal-Derived Food in 72% of Sales

These plant-based burgers are becoming increasingly popular because they aren’t only ecologically sustainable, they also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood cholesterol.
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Israel To Ban Fur Trade

The Israeli Environmental Affairs Committee is banning all fashion-related fur trade to help protect millions of animals worldwide.
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Whale Safe Technology Aims to Reduce Whale-Ship Collisions

The new Whale Safe detection system uses satellites and underwater microphones to reduce collisions between whales and ships.
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One Of India’s Leading Textile Factories Has Created A Sustainable Community

In Banswara, India, one man's vision has transformed a small village in the jungle into a town that has the most sustainable factory fashion...
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Haeckels Launches 100% Sustainable Anti-Aging Skincare Product

Called Bio Restore Membrane, Haeckel's latest eye mask is an embodiment of their sustainability-first policy.
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San José, California Reveals a Daring New Plan for Climate-Friendly Transportation

San José, California is about to become a cyclers’ paradise as the City Council passes the Better Bike Plan 2025.
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‘Queen Of The Ocean’: Shark Mother To 100 Offspring Found Near Nova Scotia

This great white shark is sure to help researchers understand more about marine life and how to better conserve these amazing creatures.
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A Luxury Brand’s Self-Imposed Sustainability Goals

Prada has signed a £42 million loan agreement where repayment terms depend on the fashion brand's sustainability achievements.
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