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Tapping Into The Wisdom Of Indigenous Women In The Philippines To Conserve Marine Life

This Southeast Asian country has taken a unique approach to managing and protecting marine habitats by drawing on the experience and wisdom of their...
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Small-Scale Logging Is Suprisingly Saving Africa’s Tropical Forests

Many thought that these legions of small-scale loggers in Africa were damaging to the tropical forests, but it appears they may actually do more...
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Baltimore City Council Votes For Stricter Regulation Of Toxic Pesticides

The bill restricts the use of chlorpyrifos, neonicotinoids, and glyphosate which is the main ingredient in the popular Roundup weed killer.
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Thai Monk Turns Plastic Bottles Into Buddhist Robes

The head monk at the Cha Daeng Temple realized that recycled plastic could be turned into fibers which could then be turned into Buddhist...
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Prince William and Sir David Attenborough Create ‘Nobel Prize For Environmentalism’

The award is looking for 50 solutions to the world’s biggest climate change problems spread over the next 10 years.
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American Pika Defies Climate Change

A new study by the Arizona State University suggests that this endangered animal is adapting remarkably well to climate change.
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HoekHome Makes Sustainable Click-Together Furniture

The company is very eco-conscious, using 100% recycled HDPE plastic and FSC certified plywood for their "click-through furniture."
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Former West-East German Border Will Become Green Oasis, German Government Says

The 870-mile-long border between the former states of East Germany and West Germany will be turned into a nature reserve described as a “green...
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U.S. Air Force Sets Sight On DoD New Carbon-Negative Goal

The Department of Defense is determined in its efforts to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives.
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Eating Vegan Reduces Carbon Footprint by 73%, Study Finds

Researchers have discovered that cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet can lead to a 73% reduction in your carbon footprint when...
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