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California Reveals Plan to Phase Out New Fossil-Fuel Cars by 2035

California keeps pushing for EVs, as we get more details of the ambitious plan to ban new gas vehicle sales by 2035. It’s now...
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New App Hopes to End Illegal “Tortoiseshell” Trade

Help save sea turtles, don’t buy real tortoiseshell. Now they have an app that helps you tell real from fake. And yes, in this...
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Denmark Considers Corporate Climate Tax to Meet Climate Goals

Denmark proposed a set of measures to tax the country's biggest CO2 emitters but also help companies adopt greener practices. This could be a...
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Largest Wildlife Crossing in the World Soon to Open in California

California’s Highway 101 is to receive the world’s largest wildlife crossing to help animals cross one of the nation’s busiest transportation routes.
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Canada Recorded The Most Significant Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Canada reduced overall national greenhouse gas emissions by 9% during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Mercedes Accelerates Carbon Emissions Goals

Mercedes is taking a multiple stage approach to reducing the CO2 tied up in making and running its vehicle fleet.
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New Tesla Megapack Project Can Power 60,000 Homes

Tesla announces its new 360 MWh Megapack project that can store enough electricity to power more than 60,000 homes.
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Can Climate Plans Limit Global Warming To Less Than 2°C?

The world is in a position to limit global heating for the first time in history, thanks to the pledges at the UN COP26...
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1000+ Animals Saved from Smugglers in Colombia

Colombian police, together with help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, successfully rescued 1004 animals from smuggling.
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New York State To Get 38 MW From Community Solar Farms

Six solar farms are being built in New York State. The farms will produce 38 MW and power 8,700 homes per year.
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